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The most effective motion system ever created

These machines will absoultely change your hunting success...for the better!

  • Combined with SilloSock flyers these Rotary machines will add that killer motion to your spread...Even on no wind days!
  • Motion system comes with Free remote control with on/off switch and speed control
  • Tornado Rotary Motion machine runs off of a 12 volt battery
  • Each machine requires two Sillo Sock Flyer Decoys (Decoys not included)
  • Decoys spin at a an adjustable diamterer up to 14ft.

Start SPINNING your way to a limit today!

Watch how effective rotary machines are!

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Tornado Rotary Machines by Sillosock decoys are available with and without flying decoys.
(Note: You need 2 flying decoys per machine):

Rotary Machine with TWO flyers Rotary Machine Flapping Snow Goose Decoy
$278.90 $229.00 $24.95